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Abstract: This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the problem connected with the widespread notion that the participation the CFA examination is something like wasting time in idleness. The primary goal of this research work is to identify if there is a positive correlation between the participation in the exam and job prospects. Keeping this ambitious goal in mind, representative data is gathered and studied for the existence of a positive correlation between people, who pass the CFA examination and job prospects or so called “job satisfaction”.

Regression equations offer analyses that are constructed to help to calculate the regression coefficients. The regression coefficient was compared to the regression equation, which is based on the income level and satisfaction level of people who pass the exam and the alternative regression coefficient of the regression equation of those who have MBA degree. Analysis is done by conducting different hypothesis tests, regression analysis and other statistical procedures.

Key words: CFA, regression, examination, job prospects, job opportunity, income, MBA, statistics.

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