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Львів, Україна

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Summary. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have to be considered a major public health challenge over the coming decades. Update research showed increase in number of annual incidences caused by heart and blood vessels diseases and they are supposed to be the leading cause of mortality worldwide [1, P. 38-42.]. In 2013, 50,744 cases of acute heart attack was registered according to the report of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Lowering of blood pressure can significantly reduce the incidence of complications. So, a large number of clinical trials have addressed this issue, but have failed to show that one or more drug-classes are superior to the others and the best choice for the first-line medication among the all available.  In 2012, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine recommended the calcium channel blockers(CCB)  as the first-line drugs in CVD treatment [3,  108 p.].

Key words: amlodipine, nifedipine, nimodipinum, felodipinum, diltiazemi hydrochloridum, verapamili hydrochloridum.

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