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Summary. In modern conditions the use of ratings is relevant not only in national economy but also abroad. Speaking about the prospects and future of the leading agencies, it should be noted that their work will be relevant in the long term due to the increasing uncertainty of the external environment that causes the increased risk of insolvency of the various stakeholders on debt obligations, delinquency in their performance. In addition, intensifies the need to invest funds in different objects, which leads to the need of investors and depositors in the investment. The use of ratings is important on the world stage, as the processes of globalization, the intensification of economic life has considerably strengthened the world economy of national economies.

Information presented in the paper may be interesting for further deeper exploration of the issues, identify the range of problems to be solved by international ratings of the issuers and their securities, various funds, insurance companies, banking institutions, countries, States, government agencies, corporate organizations, corporate governance. In addition, the proposed in the work information can also serve as a basis for further comparison of the activity of international agencies in terms of the applied assessment tools, scales and services offered.

Key words. Rating agency, debts, innovations, rating appropriation, forecasts.

Branch of science: Economic sciences
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