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International scientific journal "Internauka". Series: "Economic Sciences" is an officially registered, ongoing, peer-reviewed scientific periodical with open access (Certificate of Registration: KВ № 22443-12343Р). The magazine is included in the list of specialized journals recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, in accordance with Order No.1643 of  28.12.2019.   

Articles for the current 5(85)th issue of the journal is accepted untiMay 31, 2024 (the terms may be changed due to the military situation in Ukraine)

Newsletters of the Pdf version: until June 30, 2024 (the terms may be changed due to the military situation in Ukraine)

Distribution of printed collections: until July 15, 2024 (the terms may be changed due to the military situation in Ukraine)

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The journal is published once a month. The journal is included into the International Register of periodic media with the numeric code identification:  ISSN 2520-2294 (print), ISSN 2709-5444 (online) by the International Center for periodicals (ISSN International Centre, Paris). After confirmation of the acceptance of the articles, all materials are posted on the official website. This allows authors to submit a report to the scientific department on the availability of the publication before the release of the pdf version and the printed collection (the author can use the link as confirmation of the publication of the article and indicate it in the list of literature).                                                                  

Journal is included in the scientometric base, distributed by the world's leading libraries and universities; pursues editorial policy in accordance with the principles of the European Association of Science Editors (UK).

Journal sections
Economy Marketing International economic relations

Accounting and taxation

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities Other
Finance, Banking and Insurance Hotel and restaurant business

Rural (Green) Tourism as an innovative form of entrepreneurial activity

Management Public administration  


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Language of the journal: Ukrainian, English.

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The founders of the magazine:

1. Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law

2. The Scientific and Research Institute of Public Law

3. International Academy of Education and Science

4. Financial Rada of Ukraine

Publisher: Publishing house "Internauka"

Aims and Scope

The journal is aimed at highlighting the results of empirical and theoretical researches of the scientists and the practitioners who deal with problems of economics of development – in the aspect of studying the development processes, the natural and social and economic prerequisites of the system progressive development based on assessing the effect of informational factors in the existing processes of innovative changes, as well as the mechanisms, which provide for transition of the countries from one state to fundamentally other quality of development through obtaining the characteristics and parameters of the advanced economic development and provision of new living standards of the population. The realities of global economic changes prove the relevance of studying the economics of development from the standpoint of studying the uneven processes, qualitative and structural changes in the models, which describe the general tendencies of functioning of the world countries’ economies (including with the use of quantitative methods).

Key topics:

  • microeconomics (production and organizations, calculating and other applied models of general equilibrium, life cycle and conservation models);

  • macroeconomics and monetary economics (measurement and data on national incomes and goods, accounts and welfare, consumption, economy, production, employment and investment, prices, business fluctuations and cycles, money and interest rates, monetary policy, central banking and supply of money and credits, formation of macroeconomic policy, macroeconomic aspects of state finance);

  • international economics (economic integration and globalization, international investment, international finance);

  • financial economics (financial crises, financial institutions and services, investment banking);

  • labor and demographic economics (demographic trends and forecasts, time distribution, work behavior and definition and creation of new workplaces, human capital, salary, compensation for labor costs);

  • business economics;

  • marketing;

  • accounting (marketing and advertisement, state policy and regulation, accounting and auditing);

  • economic development, technological changes and growth (analysis of economic development, natural resources, production and service industries, human development, financial markets, shadow economy, planning models and policy, innovations and inventions, processes and stimuli);

  • economic systems; regional economy (economic systems, regional economic activity: growth, development and changes, analysis of the regional economy equilibrium and welfare).

The journal is oriented towards the international community of specialists in the economic sphere – both the scientists and the practitioners.

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