1. By submitting an article for release, an author thereby agrees with the placement of its full text on Internet official sites of the Publishing house "Internauka".

2. Articles are accepted according to the schedule.

In exceptional circumstances, as agreed upon with editorial office, the term of acceptance of an article for the next issue can be extended, but not longer than for three weeks.

3. The accepted articles are considered by the editorial board in the course of a month.

4. The editorial board is entitled to send an article for additional reviewing.

5. The editorial board is entitled to carry out the scientific and literary editing of the accepted materials; where applicable it is authorized to cut them upon consultation with the author, or, whereas the subject of an article is of interest for the magazine, to send the article back to the author for refining.

6. The Editorial board reserves the right to decline an article, if it is irresponsive to the applicable requirements or the subject of the magazine.

7. In case the submitted article is rejected, the Editorial board sends the author a reasonable conclusion.

8. Authors are notified by the Editorial board about the fact their articles have been received within 7 days. 

Editorial Policy

International Scientific Journal "Internauka" is a peer-reviewed scientific economic publication, the basic activity of which is publication of scientific articles with the aim of their distribution among scientists both in Ukraine and abroad. The journal publishes only original, high-quality research papers on the problems of the modern economy. The editors do not consider sole article authors who do not have a science degree.

The Editorial Board supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative, aimed at free and gratuitous dissemination of scientific knowledge, which supports rapid development of science.

The main objective of the Editorial Board is to implement the policy tasks of the journal, the main directions of which are coverage of:
• problems of socio-economic development in the context of economic globalization;
• organizational and economic mechanisms to accelerate the development of high-tech sectors of industrial complex;
• competitiveness and increased innovation and investment activity of domestic enterprises;
• promoting science economic direction.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:
• objectivity and impartiality in selection of articles for publication;
• high demands to the quality of research;
• collective decision-making on publication of articles;
• accessibility and efficiency in dealing with authors;
• strict observance of copyright and related rights;
• strict observance of the schedule of the journal publication.

Editorial Board undertakes systematic efforts to include the journal into international electronic libraries, catalogues and scientometrical bases with the purpose of entering into the world scientific information environment, increasing the rating of the journal and citation indices of its authors.

The Editorial Board hopes that its work will facilitate the development of the domestic economical science.