Andijan Engineering Institute (Andijan, Uzbekistan)

Summary: We consider the questions of automation of the process of determining the water content in the composition vegetable oil, in particular, it is proposed to carry out this procedure in real time in accordance with the process continuous oilseeds processing.

Key words: automation, process, analysis, coulometer, titration, cell, instrument, solenoid valve, stepping motor, pump, pay.

Branch of science: Technical sciences
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Abstract In this article analyzed the peculiarities of economic activity of the population of Fergana valley in XIX and at the beginning of XX centuries.

Also on the of multiple actual materials reflected ethnic relationships in the sphere of traditional facilities which more brightly revealing with ethnic groups belong to different economic cultural types.

Keywords: Fergana valley, ethnic groups saddle agriculture, nomadic cattle breeders, ethno-economical differentiation, economy cultural types.

Branch of science: Historical science
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