Kalmyk B. B. Gorodovikov State University (Elista, Russia)

Abstract: With the development of information technology and all the benefits which they extol in our lives come new problems. They need to be solved. One of these problems is to reduce the trend of Moore's Law, that is, the number of transistors has ceased to double every 24 months. Authors of this article offer versions of the solution of the arisen problem.

Keywords: information technology, Moore's Law, computing technology, microprocessor performance.

Branch of science: Technical sciences
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Summary: The role of communication is clear at both the small firms and powerful companies and corporations. The effectiveness of communication and interactions depend the future of not only the company as an economic entity in the market, but also people working in the enterprise, and at the global level and the welfare of the whole country.

The relevance of the chosen topic is underlined by the experience of foreign and domestic leaders, their interest in the study of communication and their effective development, it is one of the most important factors of integration management is communication (up to 80% of working time of managers at all levels spent on those or other types of communication).

Because in our country the emergence and establishment of communications (and management) took place not long ago, a huge role in further development plays the correct approach to studying the experience of companies of foreign countries and modern Russian entrepreneurs.

Keywords: types and levels of communication, communication process, stages of the communication process, obstacles.

Branch of science: Economic sciences
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