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Брецко І. І., Долинай М. І., Ямчук Т. Ю. Професійна мотивація майбутніх фахівців // Міжнародний науковий журнал "Інтернаука". — 2021. — №13.

Branch of science: Psychological science
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The article deals with the process of communication as a necessary component of human existence. Formation of communicative competence and its development during English lessons is an urgent problem not only in methodology or pedagogy but also social psychology. The theoretical material has been analyzed, particular dialogic speech has been identified. In order to form a certain level of communicative competence of schoolchildren, it is necessary to create an integrated system of training, which in turn consists of several subsystems, including speaking in dialogue and monologue which forms a key subsystem, has been identified.

Key words: dialogic speech, communicative competence, formation of the communicative competence.

Branch of science: Pedagogical sciences
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