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Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen, Russia)

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Tyumen, Russia

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Summary. Human papillomavirus infection (HPI) caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most important infections affecting reproduction. The most common manifestations of HPV infection in the vulva include genital warts. The prevalence, contagiousness and oncogenicity of some strains of HPI cause an increased interest of many specialists. The main route of HPV transmission is sexual contact, but according to some studies, contact and vertical routes of transmission are also possible. The first clinical symptoms in many children appear in 2-3 year of life and are accompanied by frequent relapses of the disease. The frequent occurrence of HPI among women of childbearing age, the possibility of vertical transmission of the virus, a feature of the course of infection during pregnancy, the irrationality of therapy – determine the interest in studying this problem.

Key words: HPI, genital warts, early age. 

Branch of science: Medical sciences
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