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The article is resolved important scientific and practical task by improving the methodological approach formulation and implementation of company innovative development strategy in modern economy.

There was identified essence and content company innovative development strategy. There was defined stages of formulation and implementation company innovative development strategy. There was found a link between innovative development strategy and life cycle of the company. There was elaborated measures for supporting company innovative development.

Keywords: enterprise, innovative development, strategy, life cycle stages providing.

Branch of science: Economic sciences
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Abstract. Currently, 3D reconstruction of the internal organs of human on the basis of radiography, ultrasound, computer and magnetic resonance imaging is becoming increasingly widespread and is an urgent task. The use of these modern research methods allows the doctor to review and assess the condition of the organs and the body as a whole, which is extremely important for surgical operations and organ transplantation. The article deals with the possibilities of 3D modeling of human organs, including their 3D printing.

Key words: 3D modeling, 3D-printing, organs, transplantation, surgery.

Branch of science: Medical sciences
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