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Abstract. The development of railway infrastructure in the direction of customer-oriented modern requirements and European standards reform the industry. In this way, management is implementing a new system of communication with passengers in the form of a hotline, which improves the efficiency of the railway companies, reducing corruption and inefficient management.

The priority competitiveness, attractiveness, management effectiveness is to improve existing services additional railway undertakings and the introduction of new, as dictated by the development of society and the requirements of passengers to the service and quality of service.

Previous studies had evaluated the composition of existing services additional railway undertakings type passenger station Ukraine, which revealed major problems for their effective functioning. Conducted market research revealed the potential demand for the new service, such as "Meeting guest (meeting foreign guests)."

The article deals with the formation of the cost of new services. For the new service has been developed technology, timing and calculation by the example of passenger stations Kharkiv and Lviv. The evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation of the new service and calculated the additional revenue that the company can get from the introduction of new services.

Keywords. Additional service, timing, calculation, technology, efficiency, passenger.

Branch of science: Economic sciences
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