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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Summary: the article describes the algorithm of formation the section of the EIA (environmental impact assessment) by a factor of noise pollution for the reconstructed building of the clinic number 1 on Pushkin ave., 23, Dnepropetrovsk. Realized the analysis of noise sources affecting the premises in a polyclinic. Determined by their noise characteristics. The authors found exceeding the permissible sanitary norms noise. Proposed recommendations for the protection of the premises from the noise of the building of clinic.

Key words: noise source, acoustic efficiency, design stages, sanitary standart, recommendations.

Branch of science: Technical sciences
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Summary: Saving of architectural monuments of Dnepropetrovsk by developing methods of qualitative and quantitative assessment to build an organizational and economic plan of renovation or reconstruction.

Key words: an architectural monument, an area of well-being ,  a qualitative assessment, a reconstruction, a  restoration.

Branch of science: Architecture
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