Editorial office of the International Scientific Journal "Internauka" offers a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation to all the authors, reviewers, universities and other educational institutions.

Cooperation with reviewers

Editors are interested in cooperation with the reviewers with a degree in various fields of science. If you want to join the pool of reviewers publishers send the resume with a description of their scientific
achievements to e-mail editor@inter-nauka.com with the subject "Cooperation with the reviewers," we will offer you the collaboration options.


Cooperation with educational institutions, departments, supervisor

We offer special conditions on assignment of output data and the edition of scientific literature. Depending on the volume of orders, it will be offered a substantial discount on services. Tell us your feedback on this e-mail editor@inter-nauka.com with the subject "Cooperation with universities"


Collaboration with students and teachers

If you are - a student, a graduate student or a teacher of any university on in the territory of any country in the world, we are ready to offer you the status of our representative in your school, town, region. Send us your resume to the e-mail
editor@inter-nauka.com with the subject "Cooperation with the representative", we will offer you options of collaboration with exclusive conditions.